Bamboo schools is our educational project that seeks to break the endless cycle of poverty through the provision of teaching supplies and improved education resources.

Very isolated and poor rural schools are helped through the provision of pencils, pens, reading and writing books, play mats, age appropriate toys and school uniforms made by our Dignity sewing project.

In addition we also manage and run an evening school which teaches English as a foreign language so rural students are able to work in the tourist industry to support their families. For the poorest of students we offer a scholarship to cover the tuition fees.

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Dignity provides a high skill level of sewing training to young village women so they are able to both make and repair clothes. When they have finished their training, each woman is gifted their own sewing machine along with all the items needed to start a business in their own village.

Due to the poverty in the isolated mountain villages, many young girls are drawn to the big cities in neighbouring countries to earn a living where they are vulnerable to trafficking. Through the Dignity Sewing Project, we provide an alternative so young women are able to earn a livelihood in their own safe communities.

The impact has been at times tremendous, allowing rural women to earn their own living, stay in their own safe villages and also to improve their status within society.  Currently we train 20 women at a time, with two centres in Northern Laos and a recently opened centre in North West Vietnam.

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The old saying goes, “Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day.  Teach someone to fish and they can feed their family for a lifetime”. That’s wise, prudent, sustainable, empowering and very exciting. The Fish Aid project provides between 3 to 4 million high quality fingerlings per year which are the basic building blocks to a profitable future for rural poor families. Along with fast growing Tilapia fingerlings we also help with fish feed supply and provide technical backup to make sure that the fish are healthy and the profits are maximised.

The project aims to:

  • Provide daily nutrition with fresh healthy protein
  • Encourage self-reliance by teaching skills and best practices
  • Endeavours to model and set a good example for others to follow

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Joseph Project Harvest Centre was born out a heart to help meet the urgent need of rural poor hill farmers to feed their animals.

Each year, after the raining season in November, the hill farmers harvest their maize/corn crop so they can feed their farm animals. 

Traditionally, the corn is stored in basic bamboo huts with grass roofs which can store the harvest for 2-3 months, after which it spoils, mainly due to high moisture levels of 18-20%. Once the corn is spoilt, it is so difficult to feed their animals as commercial feed is very expensive.

Through building and providing simple but modern harvest dryer/silos we are able to quickly reduce the moisture level in the corn to 10-12% and so extend the storage life of the harvest by an extra 8 months, enabling the poor to feed their livestock.

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This is a niche venture which provides the resources and training opportunities to help rural young men gain the new skills required to repair and maintain motor bikes. We purchase old motor bikes so they can practise on and then provide free tools and training by a trained mechanic to help the students repair the bikes which in turn sold to help fund the small project costs.

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It broke our hearts when some members of a poor rural family died through eating poisonous mushrooms that had been picked in the jungle. Out of this tragedy the rural mushroom project was born.

After research, the Oyster mushroom was found to be the most suitable because of the ease of farming and cheap production/selling costs. Poor rural families are helped by the provision of free practical training, supplies required for starting a small farm and also ongoing technical backup. A small mushroom farm can produce 1-5kg per day which can be sold in the surrounding communities provide much need nutrition and income. One of the bottle-necks in helping families has been the difficulty of securing high quality mushroom spores. For this reason, we have started a unit that produces spores in-house which can then be distributed to families as required.

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Piggy Bank Project has a heart to produce high quality piglets for the rural poor so that they can have a sustainable income. 

Currently, the black pigs that families try to farm are extremely slow growing due to generations of inbreeding from within their small village communities. Through a dedicated breeding program our passion is to increase the pig growth rate and improve the disease resistance which will dramatically increase the profit to the rural poor. Coupled along with the breeding project is free animal health care provided by trained outreach teams.The Piggy Bank Project also helps rural poor farmers start their own pig farms through providing low cost or fully sponsored piglets to kick start a sustainable income.

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Empathy is a UK registered charity helping the rural poor through education, income generation and aid.

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